• Q. Where are classes Held?
  • A. NOTE: Parents, Teachers & Students please note that classes will remain at the New Peninsula Baptist Church, Cragie Road, until refurbishments at The Studio @ PCT, in Wilsons Road, Mornington are complete.


  • Q. When can I register my child to join the ballet School?
  • A. Students may still enroll in the Ballet School, class positions are available for 2020 for Classical Ballet , Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop & Show Time Classes.

Registration Day 2020 will be held on Saturday 1st February 2020 from 9:00-11:00am at the New Peninsula Baptist Church, Cragie Road, Mt Martha

Every thing you need to know will be available on this day.
New students and parents please come along and meet Miss Sue and the teaching staff.

Positions are still available and any queries should be directed to the school. Check our contact us page for more information.


  • Q. From what age does the Ballet School accept students?
  • A. In 2013 The Mornington Ballet School stated accepting students from 2 1/2 years of age with a NEW Babies Baby Class, providing the student does not suffer from separation anxiety and can take directions.


  • Q. Is it necessary to start with all of the uniform?
  • A. No, students can start in bike pants or firm fitting shorts, t-shirt and socks.


  • Q. If my young child misses the Tuesday class, can we make it up by attending the Saturday class?
  • A. Yes.


  • Q. Does my child have to do examinations?
  • A. Whilst exams are encouraged, they are not compulsory.


  • Q. Can parents watch classes in the studio?
  • A. Parents are encouraged to watch the children through the viewing window. However parents are invited 2 or 3  times a year to watch in the studios.


  • Q. Is it alright if my child starts in a different colour leotard?
  • A. Yes it is OK to start, but children like the uniformity of wearing the same colour.


  • Q. Can I pay my child's fees weekly?
  • A. It is easier for bookkeeping and preferred if fees are paid in full prior to the start of week 3 each term.


  • Q. Is my child covered for injury?
  • A. A compulsory insurance fee of $5.00 per year is required by the School. This is to be paid with your registration. Students dancing with any  Mornington Ballet School event, including classes are covered by this insurance.


  • Q. How much do costumes cost for the concert?
  • A. During each terms, each student pays $25.00 per term towards the costume hire and making. Only the student's personal needs are then required for the concert as all costumes are then custom made.


  • Q. Does the ballet school enter competitions?
  • A. The school enters examinations, Cecchetti Congress, Cecchetti Convention and sometimes choreographic competitions and concerts.


  • Q. Are the studio's air-conditioned?
  • A. Yes air-conditioned and brightly light.


  • Q. Is food and drink permitted in class?
  • A. No food is to be consumed in the studio areas, this is due to the extreme allergies of some students and children attending the Ballet school.

No food with NUTS or EGG & EGG PRODUCTS are to be brought into the studio building at all.

Drink bottles (resealable sports drink bottles preferred) are allowed and must be CLEARLY marked with your childs name. The sharing of drink bottles is not permitted, except between siblings.